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About BBB

I play zoo 2 animal park to help get my mind off our country being stolen.

It keeps me sane  LOL

Its a great game, but the 'clubs/guilds' are loaded with leftist lunatics that are offended by EVERYTHING, miserable and are outright disrespectful to anyone that has a different view, which is NOT enjoyable in any way.

The game is supposed to be fun.

I am looking forward to an amazing club full of patriotic zoo managers.



People seem to have NO perspective of how far we have now gone. LOOK AROUND, you live in a virtual prison and the people are just fine with it.

Understand that constitutionals & conservatives ARE the enemy...We are now the hunted because we advocate for peace & liberty.


God Bless America

Check out the rules at the last club I was in.

everyone I don't want to be a strict channel owner, and I won't be, but I do have a few rules that I want adhered to. 1) ABSOLUTELY NO POLITICAL TALK - we hear enough of it on the news, we don't need it here - that goes for every country! 2) NO COVID TALK - as in we're being controlled, we shouldn't have to wear a mask blah blah... we all have our own opinions and that's fine, but let's not bring them here so we don't accidentally disrespect each other. 3) NO RACIAL TALK - This could be a sore point to many, some will again have their own opinions, that's fine, in this intance, let's each respect one another's opinion on the matter by just not bringing it up. 4) ABSOLUTELY NO HOMOPHOBIC TALK! This is my biggest rule and I will kick your arse if I find out you have been homophobic in any way! I want for this to be a fun place for us to talk about the game and have general ramblings and rants, and you can swear all your like, curse all you like, just keep to the four NO's above please and I'll be happy! Peace & Love



If you didn't notice, that person wants to make sure they "don't accidentally disrespect each other" ... WHILE at the same time, disrespecting members that might have opposing views by adding their opinionated statements ALONG with the rules.

Heaven forbid I asked to list only the rules and for some respect ...  which resulted in me being called a right wing nut case... but that's how 'these' brainwashed folks are.  Rude and nasty.  Always insults and name calling.

I asked politely ...  She stated it was HER DISCORD and she could do what ever she wanted.  Fun group to play with, huh?  'Karen' thinks so.

'these people' are offended by EVERYTHING ... prove me wrong.

Even another member couldn't help himself and had to stick up for the 'Karen' ... he was sticking up for her in the main chat, vs messaging me directly to disrespect me.  So I messaged him directly and privately as I DID NOT FIGHT in ANY way on the public chat.

Once I saw 'Karen' flip her lid, from my simple request, i didn't post another thing in the public chat, but 'they' went on and on and on about how hurt and angry they were in the chat channel.

They have a mental illness and show, without a doubt, they need Jesus in their lives.  I only asked for some respect, without causing any kind of conflict... but yet, I was somehow  the bad guy

If you are offended reading this, you are one of them and are not welcome here.  F U and your 'feelings'.  Don't go away mad, just go away.




The 'Karen" running the discord also had this to say ...

We had hoped this rule would not need to be added, however, after today we feel it necessary. @everyone please remember to be kind and civil to one another. We all have differing opinions on certain things, let’s try to respect that and be kind. Nobody should feel picked on and if you do message the guild president or myself

LOL ... 'be kind and respectful'  OMG

And another one of 'Karen's' rules

@everyone Update to the rules. Absolutely no gun talk. We are all going to have differing opinions on that. Most Americans in particular think it’s their god given right to have a gun... that’s their choice irrespective of what other sensible people think. So I don’t want that brought up either. Because I’m so strong against it!

Not nice, very disrespectful to ANY MEMBER who might have an opposing view on the matter  "irrespective of what other sensible people think"

This poor person doesn't have the common sense to see the states with strict gun laws have the most crimes, because criminals LOVE they won't be shot at by the good guys and DO NOT follow gun laws.  And they think they are being sensible?   L O L

She even accused me of pushing my opinions on her, when I never voiced a single one.  Again, only asked her to remove hers.



That got me thinking, I need my own club.  One where people like me do not have to put up with shit like that, can be themselves and ENJOY the game.

That is how Badass Baby Breeders came along.  🙂

I made a post looking for 'like minded people'

And received this from another 'Karen' who was on my game friend list.

This 'Karen' could not just drop me as a game friend and move on, had to get her two cents in.  Rude and nasty. Always insults and name calling.

Good riddance I say!!  Who needs ya.

This person can not even tolerate being a friend of a Christian conservative ... Lord help us.

You now see why Badass Baby Breeders was born.



The Lord says "be the salt of the earth"

Salt irritates, I might be doing something right.

God bless!