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Hi! I am Zoo Manager Christine.

Thanks for visiting the zoo 2 animal park hangout forum!

So I've been playing since the beginning of Oct 2020, cute challenging game ... I enjoy it.

See my zoo stats as of today in the visitor center stats attached.

I have just recently joined a club.

I'm 'the older generation' enjoying zoo 2 animal park online!

I play using the home edition download of and the web browser app sometimes for managing my Zoo2: Animal Park game online:

I look forward to hanging out with you!

Welcome to the hangout to find clubs, friends, and friendly and helpful zoo managers.

Be sure to introduce yourself, I am looking forward to meeting you.

Take care of adorable animals, please your guests and turn your humble zoo into a visitor magnet.

Zoo 2: Animal Park - Become a zoo manager!



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Oh and that club didn't work out ... I was constantly harassed for donating TOO MUCH to the club

told I was making those that can't 'feel bad'... and the next club didn't work out either, thanks to a childish spoiled rotten to the core sub human named "mands" or now I think its 🐨Mandaraptor🐼:

rude unpleasant ... oh well, sorry, I'll stop

because I have my own winning club and it IS FUN ... unlike those clubs that claimed to be fun and were not even close to anything I would call fun.

so YEA, and WOO HOO ..
Badass Baby Breeders was born.

and we've got an opening ... APPLY NOW