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How can I get Diamonds in Zoo 2: Animal Park?

How can I get Diamonds in Zoo 2: Animal Park?
● The monthly reward calendar can give you Diamonds. If you've already collected the 25 rewards for the given month, you will get 1 Diamond every day for the rest of the month.
● Leveling up grants you Diamonds. Regular levels give one each; levels that end in 5 give 5 Diamonds, and "round" level-ups give the number of the level in Diamonds (for example, you get 30 Diamonds for reaching level 30).
● There are a number of quests that give Diamonds.
● Our Discord server ( has weekly contests/raffles and occasional giveaways, so it's worth checking out. You can also earn Diamonds by responding to the news in the #news channel regularly.
● You can watch ads to earn Diamonds with the screen by the entrance. You get a Diamond for every 10 videos and can earn up to two every day.
● Of course, you can always purchase Diamonds for real money to support the game. Larger bundles give more bang for your buck.

Don't forget - you can get almost anything that costs Diamonds through the puzzle piece system. The only big exceptions are staff and some upgrades/expansions. You can trade puzzle pieces you don't need for tickets, which in turn can be used to complete items you do want. It's a good idea to save your Diamonds for expansions and shelter upgrades (you only need one of each kind, they can be moved around), and take care of animals and decorations with the puzzle pieces.

ALSO get diamonds from daily login bonus's that give you upjers points ... see more

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