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How do I breed animals in Zoo 2: Animal Park

Q - How do I breed animals in Zoo 2: Animal Park?


To breed animals, you need a breeding center in your zoo. This is unlocked at level 12. Once you have that, you'll need a male and a female of the same species in the same enclosure, and a shelter that has been upgraded to the appropriate level. Shelters can be purchased in the "Enclosures" tab of the shop, along with the other equipment for each specific enclosure type.

You can start a breeding in the enclosure by tapping on the the shelter and selecting the pacifier button, or by tapping on the breeding center and then the pacifier button there (just tap on a free breeding slot and choose the animal).

If you can't breed the animal, a pop-up showing you what you're missing will pop up; otherwise, you'll see a screen where you can select the male and female you would like to breed. Just tap on them! Tap on the "Start Now" button to begin. Once the breeding has begun, you can buy fertility food with Coins (once) or Diamonds (multiple times, gets progressively more expensive) to increase the chances of a successful breeding. The breeding will usually take several hours; once it has completed, you will see a notification.

If your breeding was successful, you'll be able to place your baby animal in an enclosure. If there's no room, or something else gets the way, it will wait for you in your inventory (the button with the cards in your main menu bar). If your breeding failed, you will get a small boost towards your next breeding.

Breeding animals also allows you to get higher level animals. When you breed two level 1 animals, the offspring will be level 2, and so on. Higher level animals attract more visitors, and will be required for some quests later in the game.