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How to Feel Motivated Every Day

How to Feel Motivated Every Day

I don't just have motivation stocked up like some survival supplies (although I wish I did). I have to develop it every single day. So here are some tips on how you can do that easily. Part of what makes me feel motivated each day is when I accomplish stuff the day before.
Doesn't have to be huge - just enough that I feel like I got somewhere with my goals.

1. Make a to do list.

I do this either the night before or morning of each day. I sit down for about 10 minutes and list everything I need to do for the day. If it's a whole project, I map out each step so I can have that good feeling of crossing it off later. I always have 5-6 things that MUST be done, and some others in case I get more time.

2. Do the hardest things first.

Okay, I'll admit I sometimes don't do this, but I DO try to get to it second, at least. I know if I wait until too late in the day, procrastinating, I'll never do the thing I can't stand or find hard to do. I do things I hate when I have the most energy and effort available.

3. Do some healthy things.

I've started strength training and taking vitamins as well as doing some cardio. Doesn't take much to feel better. Definitely better than atrophying on my chair for months at a time.

You want more energy and to not feel drained and out of shape when you're working on building a business.

4. Do something to level up each day.

It can be reading something or trying a new task. But when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone, it helps you go to sleep at night feeling accomplished. I've had many "firsts" where I've done things while terrified, and it always helped me - never ended up hurting me in the business.

5. Take personal responsibility at the end of the day.

Every day, if I have knee-jerk reactions to something, I slow down and consider things from all sides. Sometimes, it's me who was wrong. I ABHOR people who play the blame game - including me when I do it. LOL! So I try not to ever do it. I also feel more empowered when I DO take responsibility.

That's it for me today - hope you have a great rest of your day!

Tiff 😉