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Spinning the wheel of fortune

Spinning the wheel of fortune

You have a chance of obtaining tickets, energy and coins by trying your luck and spinning the wheel of fortune.

if you accidentally sell your prize wheel spinner building
Give a support ticket to upjers

You can also contact UPJERS support right in game. The cog wheel in the lower right corner of the game.

I heard some talk about a wheel reset, when does this happen?
It doesn't happen automatically or for free.

You'd have to pay at least 10 diamonds to reset, which is the price when it is down to less than an hour before you can spin it again.

Advice from discord player is to wait until it gets to 10+ hours between spins since the prizes are very random and the really worthy items are rarely received and 10 diamonds could be invested into something way more useful.

Also, if you wait until it is showing minutes until the next spin, otherwise the amount of diamonds will be greater than 10.

Spinning the wheel of fortune