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The breeding center

The breeding center, as its name suggests, is for breeding animals. In addition to the breeding center, animals need to have access to a shelter of a sufficient level.

When the building is unlocked, 2 slots are available. To be able to breed more animals at the same time, more slots can be purchased with diamonds up to 12 slots. The first slot bought costs 15 diamonds, then each new slot unlocked costs 5 more diamonds, where the last 4 cost 60, 80, 100 and 125 diamonds so the total cost is 530 diamonds.

A breeding can be started either by taping on the shelter or from the breeding center if a breeding slot is available. Breeding costs coins, and the cost can be doubled once to add the base percentage again to the total. Players can also spend diamonds once to increase the percentage again. During the breeding, the parents can't be sold or released.

If the breeding fails, the player is informed with a message, and a bonus percentage on an incremental basis is added to the next breeding of the same species. For instance, if the goat has a 16% chance of success but failed, the next try will have a 16+16=32% chance of success. If it fails again, the 3rd try will be 32+16=48%, and so on.

If the breeding is successful, a young animal is added to the enclosure (if enough space and if the enclosure is clean) or to the inventory. A young animal will grow to adulthood 7 days later. If the parents had the same level (i.e. level 2 animals) then the young one is one level above (i.e. level 3 young). After a successful breeding, the bonus percentage is canceled.


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