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TIP move your shelters!!

Do you move your animal shelters?
Will from now on

TIP: You only need 1 shelter for each biome. It can be MOVED from enclosure to enclosure safely without losing its upgrade.

Really, you only need to upgrade one shelter fully per biome.

If you upgrade a shelter to level 3, you can move the shelter around to different enclosures. It is slower for breeding than having multiple high level shelters, but it keeps the cost of diamonds down.

BEWARE, some have said the breeding chance level stays for that animal as long as the shelter stays in that habitat.

Let’s say you’re breeding for the panda, and have failed a few times so the chance is up to 28%. Then you get a new quest to breed for horses, so you stop breeding the panda for 3 weeks.

As long as you leave the shelter in the breeding enclosure and don’t move it, the chance will still be same percentage ... but moving it seems to start the breeding chance over again.  What has been your experience with that?

Also Using a spreadsheet is handy if you are breeding many animals I am breeding at the same time.
Try google sheets. It can be frustrating working on several different collections being all over the place without one.

On a side note, in terms of a tip for getting them to upgrade - if you can, WAIT FOR A SALE!

Often during breeding events, shelter upgrades are discounted! So I only upgrade my shelters during this. For example, during an event, upgrading the jungle was only 80 instead of 120.

While this strategy takes patience, you can save a lot. Its a good idea to try to save diamonds for up coming events.