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What does the Visitor Center in Zoo 2: Animal Park do?

do you have your visitor center?
Some buildings unlock special features like the visitor center.

The visitor center was added to zoo 2 animal park in July 2019.

What does the Visitor Center in Zoo 2: Animal Park do?
The Visitor Center a special building that can be purchased in the shop for 30 Diamonds under Buildings > Feature.

The Visitor Center allows you to access the following features in Zoo 2: Animal Park:

- Collections: You can complete collections by obtaining and breeding specific animals to certain levels. Collections reward you with special coat colors for certain species and exclusive animals for your zoo.

- Animal Overview: Shows you the animals you have, and if they have all of the equipment for their enclosure. Tapping on them brings you to the enclosures.

- Zoo Statistics: Shows you statistics about your zoo, such as how many quests you've completed, how many animals/decorations/enclosures/etc. you have, and some other things (akin to what you can see about your friends).

clicking on items in the visitor center will show you how to collect the animal or statue, clicking on an animal will bring you to that enclosure.

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